In my coaching/mentoring sessions, I aim to motivate and enable clients to communicate at their very best level.

“The only way to overcome your fear is to face it.”

I often meet people who have plenty of talent and things they need to say, or a message to deliver, but they lack the confidence to speak it out on a public platform. They think some people just have that natural confidence and others do not. When they see me perform or give a presentation, they often ask…

how do you do that?

Surprisingly, a lot of performers are not as extrovert or confident as they appear.  They have simply learned the key “tools” of communication that help them to deliver a convincing message. I maintain that we can all learn those skills if we are willing to put some dedicated time and practice into the process.

key tools for speaking in public

When standing before an audience, you need to consider the following…

  • Confidence – engage others with your subject
  • Facial expression – eye contact is especially key
  • Vocal tone – variety and pitch – make it interesting
  • Articulation – clear diction – clarity is key
  • Volume – can your audience hear you?
  • Posture – body language speaks more than you think!

In specially tailored one-2-one sessions I aim to give tips, exercises and feedback that will help improve all of these essential public speaking tools.

Each session provides space for clients to try out their ideas and presentations in a postive environment, where confidence is built through practice and constructive feedback.


I would like to thank you for all your support…I’m presenting in front of large groups of people a lot now, as well as at tribunals. Being a manager means I have to communicate to a wide variety of people and I feel able to do so clearly and coherently! I still remember our sessions and your advice.

Dr Laura Kirven Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist, Birmingham EPS

The coaching sessions with Jane were really useful.  They taught me how to have confidence when I speak publicly and project my voice.  People now comment on how well they can hear me and that I speak with just the right pace.

Carole Young, Reader and Lay Minister, Sutton Coldfield

booking a session:

If you would like help with audition practice, performance, public speaking or communication skills, presentations or job interviews, do get in touch on and I’ll get straight back to you.

Because I have such a broad range of clients, my fees reflect that.  So please feel free to contact me with your specifications and we can negotiate a specific quote.




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